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Nestled between the tropical rainforest and Cairns city, Rainforest Edge, in the north of Mount Sheridan, presents new home buyers with a boutique location in private serenity, without sacrificing the convenience of nearby shops, schools and sporting facilities. With the first stage completed late 2016, and Stage 2 in 2017, Rainforest Edge will extend to 6 stages overall, incorporating approximately 135 lots, over a 5 year period.

With approximately 70ha of surrounding nature reserves, permanent creeks and large block sizes, many with stunning views of Admiralty Island and Trinity Bay, Rainforest Edge estate is truly an impressive place to call home.

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Elevated and split level lots create a diverse streetscape but can be enjoyed as one would a flat site, as all will be benched and superior retaining walls constructed, ensuring usable land areas. Stage 3A comprises blocks of average size 583m2 while stage 4 contains average lot sizes of 630m2. Stage 5 at the top contains many blocks well over 1000m2 but will be released further down the track.

Preliminary civil works is already underway shaping the road area and the blocks into usable flat space. The design of a 2 tier parkland are being finalised with council and work will commence as soon as possible.

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