Kenfrost Homes accepts the Commitment to Community Award from Redlynch State College

Redlynch State College has had a big year. With over 1200 families across the primary and highschool, its fair to say the school is kept busy providing students with the best learning environment possible as well as keeping up to date with the latest technologies for the classroom and always having a view to the future under new Principal Michael Hanson.


It is therefore with great pleasure that we accept the Redlynch State College “Commitment to Community” Award for being involved with the school on numerous fronts including sponsorship of the school, providing funds for the fireworks at the successful Redlynch State College fete, and materials and labour for the large block work and render wall for the entry statement on both sides of Jungara Road designed by a former student.

Certificate of Commitment to community award    Redlynch State College Commitment to community plaque

Vistas at Redlynch Estate sits proudly over the road from Redlynch State College and will be our best estate to date with a massive park build of 6180m2 for residents and sensational views all around and it is a privilege to work alongside the school and be involved with the local community in Redlynch.

Render of the Redlynch State College entry statement.   Progress shot of the entry statement wall at Redlynch State College